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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some thing that all girls must know

Just yesterday I was having a casual chat with one of my elderly sister from the church. I just thought that what she shared to me is of some worth to all girls and it is good if they all knew about it.

It was raining lightly and we were three together, the sister I am talking about, her husband and myself. I was just walking wired abreast them with my umbrella listening to some gospel songs from my cellphone and both of them were busy in their talks as they walked under a the same umbrella as Darjeeling monsoon patted on their flowered umbrella.

When we reached above the "Metro" one of the well known stationary in Darjeeling my brother left both of us to share the umbrella I was under to do some work he had in the shop near by.

There under my umbrella my sister started to share about her love relation with her husband. She talked to me about their quarrellsome and untolerable relation.....they had as a boyfriend and girlfriend. They were in relation as boyfriend and girlfriend for very long time, even as a college students and even before. In the initial years of their happy relation things went pretty well but as she completed her graduation from Loreto College she left for Delhi to continue her further studies, and her boyfriend was left back in Darjeeling where he continued his studies in Siliguri NBU.

On the contrary to "Distance makes Love go fonder", their relation started to get little messy, their long sweet chats now started ending with fights and bantering of harsh words. Her boyfriend use to always get too possessive, inquiring about her where abouts almost all the time, its seemed like he no more trusted her, he use to call her friends, room mates and cross check about her coming and going. He did not allow her to be around with her guy friends, her life had almost become a hell. Evey time she had to explain him about everything he doubted. Timing for getting in and out of house was as strict as in military camps. She was even embarrassed among her friends as it seemed she really was not worth trusting due to all her boyfriend did to her.

Their long relation, whom even their families knew was getting worst. She even thought that he was not the right guy for her and may be it was a mistake to be with him. She said, " if the guy is this possessive and irritating and un-understanding before marriage, then for sure my life would turn to be worst after marriage". She said to herself that she cannot spend her life with such a person, in fact she could not imagine rest of her life with such a person. So she gave a break and tried to end her relation with him, but the guy didn't agree with that, he was after her.....she even tried to be in relation with some other guy so that she can get rid of him, she had even planned to get married with one of the guy she met there in Delhi because all seemed perfect with him and he liked her too.

The matter became a big issue because her boyfriend loved her true and she loved him too but it seemed things were not working out between them anymore. So she thought it was best to end up..........

But as she finished with her studies and when she came back to Darjeeling.........with time.......she understood what I think every girls should know.....

She came to know how much he loved her, what he can do for him and without her he cannot do life....She came to know that no one can ever love her the way he did. She knew love is not just expressed and proved when relation functions smooth, when the two trusts each other. Love is no just defined when a yes is agreed with a yes, when calls end with smiles only. She knew she was a world to someone though she was just a smile me. The best thing she knew was to be with the person she loved and the person who loved her more than she may have ever done. Later they got married and it has almost been three years of their very happy and successful married life.

Every boy is possessive, arrogant, unfair when it comes to their girl whom they love. They are wild and insecure and jealous about their love no matter how ugly she may be, they are irrating and untorable most of the time especially when distance is the factor between them. They are ruthless and very ununderstanding............but that is how boys show their when their love is matured and when they are far away from their girl.

She said all the above lies to me....and she said that her husband is not like that anymore the way he was when they were not married. After marriage all guys change a lot, the change which every girl wants in their boyfriend is ironically found when he becomes her husband. Now he is very caring and trusts her more then anyone. He no more counter checks about her where abouts, never questions or doubts her words. He is very supportive and above all he loves her more then anything thing else. She believes she has world's best husband and imagines what if she had not given their relation a chance when it was at the worst........she shudders and says that she would have missed the worlds best person from her life and along with the best moments of her life.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Freak at the peak

I was just wondering if i write in here in some freaking thoughts which will not at all mean anything to you...or may be it will...what ever you just try reading it for yourself.

One of my friend was on his was home from a hospital in Siliguri (regular checkups) and on the way he stops this auto which was almost half empty.....the auto driver sees him wave the hand and he pulls over, my friend gets in the cab which was not yet come to a halt, the auto moves over and he falls off the cab with his heavy bad. When he is till disbalanced the cab runs over his right leg with the rear wheel leaving him paranoid with pain on the busy highway.

Many people comes to see my friend lying on the road groaning with pain but nobody dare touch him or help him....."its a police case", "call police"......etc are all the people around him murmured. He waits there as he calls his friend in the near by place to take him to the hospital....he shared this to me with lots of pain in his throat as he wished if it was in Darjeeling.....i would have someone pick me the very instant i was down....i wish people over there in Siliguri was like Nepali family.....

He got the number of the auto, catches the diver after about an hour with the help of his friends but as the driver comes to him with closed hands....he forgives him the very instant and leaves him without any charge.....

The worst part is that now has to go through a operation because the bones are fragmented and he will be bed ridden for about a month, and just that every day he had got his appointment letter for his job as a teacher in one of the school in Darjeeling. He had got through this interview after a very long struggle.....but it seems that he has to let the goal slip off his very hand......

You may wonder why i have written this true story.....???? but if you go in deep you'll get the kernel.

My heart beats with same resentment when i think of the times when i was also ran over by some feelings that left me flat on the ground, there was nobody to give me a hand.....I too lied down my mental bed ridden for months, years...... but alas all i learnt was to forgive and forget!!! that is the best way to start new journey....

does it still sounds crab to you all??? if it does then you are lucky because that means you are not ranover.
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