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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I bring in here a very bad news to all my readers, frequent or blue moon both. I was a blog freak before and I am still but presently i have been quite busy with my profession as there are many responsibilities that now rests upon my shoulder. I can't blog in here quite often and more over this blog is for free, which means I don't get paid for blogging, but recently i have decided to go for professional blogging that means i will be paid for the blogging i do.

Well this is not a business as for me its just being payed for your work. So right now i have another blog which needs more of my attention and i believe you would do the same if you were in my position. Not only that i have a site to be taken care of too, I mean I am doing the content writing and maintaining another professional site too. SO you see first of all I have my job and then I have three more sites to be looked after including this one. So it is quite a load for me to be blogging frequently.

This doesn't mean that i am hungry for bugs or i am lame, but i just thought that if i am giving in some precious time of mine in something then what harm is there if i just get paid for that. I believe in enjoying the cash you get for your work, i am strictly against black or easy money and that is the very reason i have not joined so called may business schemes that the world is after.

So i will not very well be blogging here anymore but again that doesn't mean that i will be closing this site, no i won't. I will be posting some freaking lines and attitudes once in a while, if you are lucky enough you may get to read it else you will miss the fun.

So i am very sorry if in anyways i am disappointing you, but i believe that you understand that maintaining a professional blog needs lots of your attention and time. Hope you all will excuse me.

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