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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lesson Learned....from little girls.

This was a few days early in the monsoon days of Darjeeling; I was on my way to one of the church for a prayer meeting in the evening round 4 pm. The monsoon shower was pouring unceasingly and there was not a place under Darjeeling sky where the rain had not dropped. As I was marching swiftly to my destination I saw few children from the nearby school had taken shelter under a big cypress’s think leaves on the side of the road. They had unloaded their heavy school bags and kept it aside on the foot of the tree in a heap. I was with my umbrella and I stopped to watch these little girls intently as one amongst them a cute little girl with red ripe cheeks took a rubber band looped into a long thread from the side of her school bag. She released few of the knots that were tangled then she wound the thread around two of her friends on the either side, stretched it then she started jumping over the rubber thread and began playing.

I stood there watching them for a while from a distance as they got more lost in their joyful play. These little girls were least bothered about the pounding rain that was falling all over the road and the ground beside them, they were busy paying with this rubber band game under this big cypress wings, though there were few drops of rains coming amidst the leaves and hitting them but they had not time to care nor notice all those. All that concerned them was that their school bags and the books inside them were dry and safe and no matter how heavy the rain and how long their game must go on…

I thought to myself that there is something to be learned from these little girls because they just didn’t pass my mind without leaving some scratches of question in it.
In life we are to be like these little girls paying their game under that big cypress. Yes, as we march along the journey of life we’ll have rains of trials, failures, turmoil, crisis, depressions, despairs and so on but instead of being sorry to ourselves or even complaining we are to go in shelter if the most high the Almighty God and unload our loads of burdens and rejoice and be free like those little girls. We should trust in the shelter we are taking and be doubtless that our problems are well handled and we are really set fee of all those burdens. Even as we go under this wings of our mighty cypress we’ll still sometimes have few drops of doubts, impatience and anxiety fall upon us but then we are to be least bothered about that as these little girls did and still keep playing.

After few moments of observation and lesson learned I moved on my way to church from and as their joyous laughter got faint and faded I realized how these little girls really knew how to trust the mighty they were taking shelter at for as they played under this tree they knew one thing for sure that even though it was raining hard at that time but surely the rain would stop falling after sometime….they just need to wait patiently. Yes, my dear readers let us also learn to trust the God Almighty in the trials of our lives and rejoice in His mighty wings for the rains of problems are falling but surely it shall stop sometime latter as we remain patiently un wet under his mighty wings.
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