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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Man-In Relations and Marriage

This section of post is for all married man and those who are in serious relation.
I want to share some of few thoughts of mine in accordance with the Bible and encourage you all. The present scenario of relation between man and woman is very different then what was back then when God made the two, couples take their relations very lightly. Divorce has become a common practice and it is thought to be a way out of the grip of the wrong person but only to land up with another wrong person. Break ups and getting remarried has become a way of life in the western countries and even in our places. People do not take the relation very seriously as they are suppose to take.

Bible says that when we are married we are one body the couples become one body inseparable united forever. No force nor any cause is able to break the bond between them. Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and it is not to be experimented with many others hunting for the right person. Our body is meant for only one connection because our body is sacred; we defile ourselves if we then don’t keep this vital wealth of our life.

This is a message to all men and guys that you take your relation very seriously and never indulge in any of this addiction. Love one and love in such a way that the whole world will know that you were really in love. Don’t flirt around and waste your body ‘the gift of God’. Bible suggests that man is to love their wife as Christ loved the church or as he loves himself. No one hates self, everybody loves oneself and cares for one’s own body so are we to love our wife. The bond of husband and wife is not tied up in the exchange of the rings and the vows you make in the church it is made in the your deepest of your heart and your soul. When we are bonded we become one soul, we are no more two that is what the Bible says. No matter whatever the difference you may have with your partner this bond that you have made in your heart should surpasses it all.

There is nothing like bad marriage or the Mr. Right, all that is there is a true heart ready to be submissive and forgiving. If you have this truth embedded in your heart you have a good relation and successful marriage. If any of you reading this feels that your marriage is with the wrong person or your relation is not right (if you have already crossed the limits of marriage) I suggest you that you better start refreshing yourself with the love of God in your relationship for God can make all things well even if it seems to be wrong. Only he has the right to turn it right. Bible does not encourage divorce and remarriages as much as you being humble and letting God make a way for you in the same relation. Marriage becomes sacred and important if you consider your partner as sacred and value her as much as you consider yourself the same.

I suggest all married man and all guys those who are in serious relation to treat your girl like a princess because every girl deserves that treatment; no matter how harsh and heartless she has been to you. You always give your best even if the boomerangs are just the opposite for in the end you’ll not be guilty or be regretful for loving her half and not giving her the full.
Let me give you a small example in this with this story: A boy had a good collection of beautiful marbles and a girl had lots of toys. One day the boy asked the girl for all the toys in exchange of all his marbles. The girl agreed and gave all her toys to the boy and the boy also gave all his marbles except one big and beautiful one which he hid from her. That night the girl slept sound with the marbles in hand but the boy on the other hand could not sleep because he thought the whole night what if the girl had kept the best toy behind with her?..

The moral of the above story is that in relation if you don’t give your full and best then you’ll always remain guilty the both ways.
So always give all your best no matter what it costs you for you love her. Make sure that you have time for her, make sure you now all her likes and dislikes and once a while surprise her with your love. Try to understand her and don’t just understand her and keep it with yourself try to express it to her in words or action this does really matter. Always take the advices they give because girls never give advices out of the things they have heard unlike man, but they give out of their personal experiences, so take heed.

If you are a believer I suggest you always have a routine family prayer morning and evening before you go to bed. Make this a family habit even if only both of you are there. Try and fast for your wife once a week for her health, wisdom, job, ministry, etc. You don’t have to tell her that you are doing this for her because this is a connection you have with your partner through the God above and you surely will have your relation grow. This is no big deal for out of love there is nothing we cannot do for your dearest.

When you have time take her out for a walk and talk to her about the past the day you first fell in love with her, always try to express how much she mean to you. This should not be a practice or some memorized lines, this should be directly from your heart no matter how blunt you may be in expressing but do always express your feelings for her. Have time for your kids, participate in the house chores she is into, never think she is lower to you and you are the boss. Always treat her equally and love her ever more each day.

Never remember her mistakes and hunt her back and start a fight. True love never keeps records of the wrong, that is what we find in the Bible. Forgive and forget the past for we all are human and to err is human. Wait for one another for the meals this helps love grow, never think that to make the tea, cook the meals, sweep the house, wash the clothes……. are her duties and not yours, in fact I believe it is equally your duty too because you are one with her. Try making tea for her sometimes no matter how bad you are in making it, wash for her the dishes after the meals, and many more things you can do for her and for your relations, I suggest always look for opportunities to help her and make her smile. For I believe to make her smile is why you fell in love with her and married her. These are some of the fundamentals of a successful marriage and being a good husband. But still all these are the fruit of making Christ the head of the family; this is what a real Christian marriage is all about. If you are the head of the family then these fruits won’t be seen in your family thus a chaos and unhappy family. Make God the head of the family and you’ll have a blessed family.
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