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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Limit to my Fantasy unknown...

A small piece of story for you all

I was on my way to college for the classes, since one of my college sir was absent on that i was all alone for the journey. I was well dressed and was ready waiting for the cab. After waiting for 5-6 minutes it seemed like i was getting late for the class so i got into one of the bus which was just passing by.

I caught a seat to the second back seat because usually the bus for early mornings are always booked by daily commuters except the last seats. The bus pulled off and after few minutes the bus stopped for a pick up and a young girl of about my age got in and searching for the seat she came and sat beside me. I had not seen her before she was a complete stranger to me. And i don't know for no reason for the first time i felt akward being seated near a girl. Well the bus pulled over and now i had a problem that i was carrying with me from the time i moved from my house on that day. The problem was very simple yet very serious too. I was as usual in formals but on that day i had not worn my tie because i have no idea about how to make the knot of the tie. On the way to the market for the cab i asked few school boys to help me with it but they were unable to help me. So i had to carry the tie without the knot in my bag hoping someone would help me..... so now suddenly remembred this need of mine and i thought that it was the time i got to ask my fellow seat mate in the bus.

With all the courage I asked her politey if she knew how to make a tie knot and she answered that can can and asked why was i asking to her? So in reply to her i just took out the red tie with small checked lines from my bag and gave it to her. She smiled and said, "you want me to make a knot?", I smiled and nodded to her. She almost half blused and said, "you don't know how to make it?", i again nodded to her.

She took the tie from me and quickly with few number of turns and pulls she made a beautiful knot and gave it to me. I thanked her and was so realifed to have it done for the rest of the days ahead.

Well it seems like life is full of unanswerable questions....i never knew that girl nor do i have the assurance of ever meeting her again but the fact that the knot she has made with my tie still hangs by my shirt even at this hour.

Now dear readers this can either be a fiction or a fact but i just wanted to bring in you to the realiazation that life is a lot beautiful if we learn to love each day we are given and even sttangers can leave beautiful memories in you if you have the heart for them.
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