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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My love for you

My love for you is forever true,
And it’s only for you

My love for you is evergreen,
And it can always be seen.

My love for you is doubtless,
And it isn’t hopeless.

My love for you is immortal,
And it is perfect in total.

My love for you is victory,
And it isn’t trickery.

My love for you is healthy,
And it is very wealthy.

My love for you is me,
And its worthy, you just taste and see.


I want to tell you something as you go through the above lines that this poem was written during the most beautiful days of my life. It was written for the one and only special person of my life.....the depths i have put in it can not be measured and the words itself cannot contain the emotions i have soaked in it. I was in those time a poet......i mean i use to write for her.... well lately i have given up writing.......but i believe someday she will again inspire me to write!
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