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Monday, April 5, 2010

Darjeeling facts

some interesting facts about Darjeeling.In the monsoon the rain here is very risky. Since Darjeeling is a hill station we have lots of steep slopes. Here if the rain pours continually for more than two weeks then there is always some landslide going on some where or the other. The houses here are built so skillfully in the steep slope, some even on top of the rock because there is less land available for the house to stand. it is very risky to have houses on the rock but so far there has been no such accident. but houses built on the land are usually the victims. It sounds absurd to have houses on the rock or with one of the foundations on the rocks, but guess what? That is the raw fact i am writing here.

I have some of the snaps clicked so that you all the readers can believe me.
So in a way the architecture here in Darjeeling is something to be appreciated. The houses squeeze amongst themselves to get their part of the space.

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