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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sorry and Life's Best

Sorry is a very easy word to say but a very hard word to except. The word sorry doesn’t lighten the pain of the heart. Sorry doesn’t really fill in the gap that the time has made nor does it erases it. Sorry is said so that you can restart and make a new better beginning. But remember that we have just one life and we just make one use of it, be it good or bad. There is no rehearsal in life every act is the final, so we have to give our every best when we do it. We make no mistakes about life that can be lived to be perfected later on. Things can be recreated and building reconstructed but in life there is no rewind button all we have is play. Life is like a burning candle once we lit we got to burn till the very end of the wick. We cannot recollect the evaporated wax or the burnt wick to restart it again from the beginning. Our past is the memories that is imprinted in us which can never be erased we carry it till the grave. Be it about love, life or of any fancy stories we can never format your personal hard discs.
Dear readers I am writing all these just to make you aware that life is not some experiment you do in some lab. Make the best use of all the first time experience you get to have and make it best so you don’t have to live to have a second try. You can take time but do all that you want to do once and for all giving your best. If you do so, even if you don’t get the second chance to experience the same you’ll have enough memories to cherish about your first that you no more a looser but a victor. Many things will come in life that seems to satisfy you but still not satisfy you the way you first had, and that is because there is only once first time in life. Nothing can compensate it. I had my life’s many first times in many things and with the collective study from many dignified people I hereby came to the conclusion that we try to forget our past to make our future ever more worse.
We all live for once and the special moments we experience are also for once, they never come again in our lives. We may try all our best to recreate the moment but it’ll never be the same. We may have thousand religions but only one true God and we may live to see thousand sun rises but there is only one Sunshine in your life that touches you and brightens the deepest corner of your heart. Nothing can ever replace it.
May be nobody understands you but your life’s that sunshine will surely do.
Live to make every first of your life the last and the best.
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