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Friday, April 30, 2010


Like all writers; photos is a Greek word which means light….blah blah… I’ll not give the definition of photography. All I want to write is about the relation I have with photography. It would still not justify my passion for photography if I pen it down, “as a perched land thirsts for water so do I long for the photography”. I have no idea from where but photography is all in my blood. I cannot really express how much I love photography, it has been my passion from very young age but I never gave it boost. There was no one who would encourage me with what I am really gifted at. Even my mom or any of my family members hardly know how much passionate I am in photography. All they know is that I am artistic and creative. Well I cannot blame them for not knowing about my passion, because I never got the chance to show them what I can do with cameras and light. We did have two old model reels cameras at home but I was not much permitted to show case my talent with all the expensive rolls.
So in a way my passion was all subdued within myself until during my college days in Darjeeling I got my hands on digital cameras. I started clicking and as all artists would do I also dipped the brush of my life in the paint of my soul and started painting my long dormant dreams. I have reached this far in my photography all because one of my friends. Among all there is one who really encouraged me to keep the clicks going. She was the first one who really gave wings to my photography, she even suggested me to peruse a carrier in photography. Well I just want to thank God for sending her to me with all those encouraging words and support. I want o thank her too through this blog for helping reignite my skills. Had it not been her I would not have clicked so far.
Later all my friends also came to know about me and my clicks and they truly appreciated me and helped me in this passion of mine. The fire of photography still burns within we and it shall never be extinguished. Well the sad part of the story is that I still don’t have a camera of my own. I know its kind a funny and ironic part of the story, ‘A photographer without a camera’? But that is the fact, so far I have borrowed others camera and clicked. Of course I do wish if I have a camera of my own some SLR Cannon D90 or Nikon etc, but for now there is no other option then to say, ‘it’s ok Ccir’ and just pray…
For now you enjoy some of my clicks and please do leave a comment to let me know about your opinions. (PLASE MIND THAT ALL THE SNAPS WERE CLICKED WITH 5 MEGA PIXCEL CAMERA AND THE INSTANT SNAP FRAME ARE EDITED LATER TO STOP PALGRASIM)
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