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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trash Or Treasure?

We human beings have a peculiar habit installed in us which always says that what we assume and think right is right for sure. If we think that certain thing in life is useless and worthless then we seal it with conformation that is useless and never even look back at it. We have our own estimates and standards to consider certain thing as good and bad, we call some part of our life as blessing and some as curse. Sometime we really wish that we could turn the hands of time and move life the other way round, but guess what the result will be? It will still be the same, regret at some point of time and conclude that the former solution was better. Bible says that each day we have in our life is the day God has made and we are to rejoice in it (Psalm 118:24) so if each day is made by God then He definitely has a purpose for it, either you spend the day morning or rejoicing it still is the day that Lord has made.
Many a times we have things around which we don’t recognize it as blessing. In fact we shun it away because we are so confident that it is not at all a blessing. We think that if things don’t happen the way we think it should then we deem it as problem, curse and so on. But I say that if things are not happening your way, then rejoices because it is surely happening the God’s way. And that is more of a blessing then it would have been happening your way. Remember that “SOME PROBLEMS ARE BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE”. Often we look the outer presentation of the situation and fooled with our own attitude of intelligence we make false prediction of the blessing of the God. It may be a treasure not the Trash just give a second thought otherwise you may be too late when someone other recognizes and takes it away.
Often we have rejected Ministers thinking them as Monsters, Blessings as Curse and Treasure as Trash but now I want you all to realize that we are completely going wrong in doing that.
One great excuse we all make is by saying “let God have His way”, or let Him do I’ll sit and wait. That is not the way life works, it is said God helps those who helps themselves, and in Bible it is said slumbers are cursed. “Let God have His way” should be the theme of life not way of life. Ask God, what next you got to do not do what you want to do and assume that it’s the will of God. Show your eagerness about the things you want to do and anticipate God’s aid.
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