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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I know you all will not be so interested to read about my room but i just want to write about it because it is where i grew to man for the last three years. The walls of my rooms have answered many of my wried thoughts, the windows of it has showed me many new things of the world around me. The door of my room has let many strangers in to be some of my best friends and support.My room is a small four walled plywood nook. Days here in Darjeeling are often very cold with hardly any sunshine so my walls best suits the weather to keep me warm and cozy.

I decorate my room my own style noting to do with designer stuffs but just something that would make the walls smile at me when I am down. My room is my temple where I pray, my Office where I work, my bedroom where I sleep, my living room where I chat, it is everything for except kitchen and toilet(they are outside). It is a fortress for me keeping me safe from all sorts of weather so far, I have seen snow fall, hail stone, light storm, heavy down pour, lightening, thunder etc from this very room. I'll never forget the faithful love it has showed me. It hears much of me and speaks less that is the best part of my room. It hates none but loves all. I like to keep my room clean and put up things organised. I hate to keep my room in mess! My arts are the jewels for my room and my crafts the music.
I have a small flower garden beside my room that can be called a park for where I can spend some sunny hours during the free time.

Some of the rules of my room are, keep it clean, sweep the floor twice a day, mob every Sunday,No cob webs, books in its place, footwear in its own place(in short all organised)....well there are many but let me not write all and bore you all.

No wonder my room is my Heart...

You all are welcome to pay me a visit....
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