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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monsoon In Darjeeling

Today 29th on April is the third time there has been heavy down pour. Monsoon has started here in Darjeeling. Well right now as I am updating this blog I can hear loud thunder and lightning. Some of the school students are also returning from school because the classes have been suspended. Monsoon in Darjeeling is not as much fun as in other parts of the world because if it rains for more than a month then we have landslides and soil erosions. You can see my second post in this blog to see the consequences of the rain in Darjeeling. Since it is a very hilly place we rather not entertain downpour as much as others would do. But for few days we do enjoy the rain and then despise. Enjoy it because we get plenty of water to wash and use…..haha……
Getting wet in the rain and coming home doused in the early rain has a different taste in life.I do miss my school days when we use to get wet on purpose so that the school dresses are not dry by next day so that we can stay home on this lame excuses. Naughty right? Well that’s something I love about monsoon
Well right now I am happy to be in Darjeeling and enjoy the rain….
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