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Friday, May 21, 2010

Darjeeling QUEEN of HILLS or KING of KILLS?

22nd May 2010, Darjeeling morns another day in the memory of late Mr. Madan Tamang!!!
A big question for today: “Is Darjeeling a QUEEN OF HILLS or a KING OF KILLS?”

After the assassination of ALGLF President Mr. Madan Tamang yesterday in the broad day light it has stirred a air of new revolution in our fight for a different state, “GORKHALAND”. It has now stained our history forever.

Does the incident that took place yesterday prove that we the Gorkhas are brave? Or does it proves we are still cowards and uncivilized? Has Gorkhas lost their minds?.....where is the glory we Gorkhas boast about?.......is Khukari our only identity and solution????...............

What is that Darjeeling really in need of??? What should be done to make Darjeeling a better place to inhibit???.........what and where are we going wrong???

Please freely leave all your views and suggestion below in the comment box and voice yourself and participate in making awareness among we the Gorkhas.
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