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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Money Ain't Everything

The present world has lost its glory because everybody is after earning money. The world has marketed itself that we no more have it unsold. Money has become the vital part of living essence. You don’t have a room in this world if you don’t have money. Money talks, money walks, money so on and so forth we all have heard of it very much personified in the present era of our existence.

One can never find anything done without having one’s wallet speak. Bible truly says the money is root of all evil. The present world has become so corrupt all for the crave of money. People have forgotten the morale of life all for the hunt of living a sophisticated life with money enough. Money is now your life, without it you don’t have identity. A mother forgets her child, a husband kills his wife, a child murders his parents, strangers kidnaps children, girls markets their body, etc all for money.
But what I want to write here is that money ain’t everything! Money can buy luxury but not comfort, money can buy victories but not peace, money can buy medicine but not health, money can buy friends but not family, money can buy education but not wisdom, money can buy sympathy but not love, money can buy religion but not salvation….. There are many things that money cannot buy.

Don’t weary yourself trying to get rich. Why waste your time? For riches can disappear as though they had wings of a bird. Proverbs: 23: 4-5

Let money be a factor of life but not the life itself. Even I cannot deny that money is something I do need too. But let it not be for which you forget everything, it is something that is man made so it can never be more than man itself, right? What I mean to say here is that we have somehow so lost in the cloud of capitalism that we no more have any humanity left in us. We have drifted to the orbit of barbarism and animalism.

Remember: “peace makes money and money makes war”
So let’s make sure we don’t let money change us. We gotta remain the same germs and pearls that money cannot buy or change for we are one of kind in this world.
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