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Friday, May 7, 2010

CSC Retreat cum Farewell

Under the Campus Crusade for Christ we have students’ fellowship for all the students of every denominations and faiths to grow in together in the love of Christ. All the students from every college within the given region gather every Saturday for the fellowship. We the Darjeeling Team have our fellowship every Saturday at 1:00 pm at Bhanu Graham, Singamari, Darjeeling.
As refreshment for the students especially for the graduating students we the Campus Student Connection (CSC) go for the retreat cum farewell program each year. This activity is marked as moment to appreciate the passing out students for their involvement in the movement of the Campus Crusade for Christ within their stay of three years in the college.
So this year 2010 for the students of Kalimpong and Darjeeling we had a combined RETREAT cum FAREWELL program at Trevani (confluence of river Rangeet and river Teesta) a picnic spot near Teesta, 6th May. There were around 8 students in total who where graduating this year from their respective colleges. They were appreciated with a memento and certificates at the end of the retreat. Campus crusade staff Mr. Tashi Wangdi Bhutia (Team leader), Mr. Sagar Ghishing and Mrs. Purnima Ghishing accompanied with many other Alumnies were the key person involved in the program. We had self cooked lunch and games played amongst ourselves making the day even more alive.
These graduating students leave their colleges in pursuit of their goals but they do not leave the movement because they then become the member of LIFE NET. Life Net is another connection of all the alumni of the Students Connections. This means that no matter where these students go for their further studies or even in any field of their carrier they will still be connected to the movement through all the ways possible and contrib uting for the movement.
As always this year’s retreat cum farewell program was also very blessed and memorable with the grace of God.
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