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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Are The BEST!

I recently had a chat with one of my sister in the facebook and there we were talking about being what you are. This world has always something or the other to say about your life. People are always there to comment you about things that are not well off with you. May be your nose is too big or it is too small, or your skin too dry, full of spots, hair of bad quality, curly and so on…..the list will not end. But my dear readers I want to say that you are made the best way possible. There is none like you in this world, you are the master piece. No one can be compared to you and no one can ever take your place. Everybody of us have weaknesses for that is what makes us human. Make your weakness your strength and your charm instead of complaining about it.

Nothing is accidental with God so are you not. God has blessed you with many blessings just try to count your blessings and give thanks for what you have and not what you don’t have because that is how life is to be lived. See to yourself seriously and find out how you are blessed, eg: Acknowledge that you have eyes to see some people are blind from birth aren’t you blessed from them?, you have hands to write, legs to walk and in many ways your blessed. Focus your thoughts to such things and always be thankful and never be dissatisfied with life. Don’t be sad because what you want is not there but be happy because what you need is always there for you. Remember that human needs have no limitations.

Think of one quality of your life that you are best at and remind to yourself that you one out of the millions, you are the master piece that God is proud of. Have you ever said, “Thank you God", for your wonderful family, for your best moments of your life, for your good friend’s companies, for your education, for the safty you have had so far in your life’s journey,……..These is something we people always miss because we are so busy enjoying life. Give a thought dear readers and curse me if I am wrong but if you think that my words near to truth even for a faction, then say thank you God with a honest heart.

So let today be the day you praise God for all that He has given you so far and make a difference for yourself in the eye of the God. And remember you are the best……yes your hair I love it, your eyes, your smiles, your way of listening to my words, your concern for others, your readiness to help people……yes dear friend you are still THE BEST.
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