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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grief a private business

We all laugh together but cry alone. You may have people who understand you but you’ll never have people who can feel what you feel. No one can really get in to your shoes and feel what you are exactly feeling that moment of time even as they mourn with you. This is a simple fact that Bible talks about in Proverbs: 14:10 “Each heart knows its own bitterness and no one else can fully share its joy”. Your loved ones can comfort you with soothing words but they can never heal you. There is only one person who can really feel what you are feeling and can take part in what you are through and that is God. But since he is not physical to our eyes we fail to lean on His existence. But God knows human heart the best, He knows that we can never be satisfied with his existence and that is the sole reason He made Eve for Adam. He loves us a lot and he cares to provide us a support we can lean when we are here in this earth. But He wants you to remember that it is He who provided that support at the same time. If you forget that and start your own world then He’ll take that gift away from you.

I know my part of the pain I am through and you’ll never be able to feel what I’ve felt nor will I be able to feel yours part of the pain or the joy. That is something we can never change. But there is something we can always do and that is to show that we really care for each other’s situation. We can show our concerns by standing with that grief stricken person especially when he or she needs the most. That is how we show how much we care for the suffering that person is going through. Stand with that person even if you are not much of help to that person, even if you can do nothing to improve his or her situation. For at that time your company matters more that your words. In Bible we have a person called Job when he is grief stricken he still had three friends around him to give him company even though they were not much a help for Job and his problems. Remember action speaks more than words. Don’t quit and run away from that person or remain silent that will worsen the grief of that person.

Stand with that person even if the whole world walks away and show that you do really care…
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